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Please take note of the following:

- Legislation dictates that you may not consume alcohol on the actual beach. You may drink alcohol in the caravan park on the grass. This will be strictly enforced.

- The ocean here is renowned for extremely strong currents and shark attacks. We will have several life guards on duty but be smart and be careful. Do not swim unless you are sober and able. NO SWIMMING AT NIGHT. If the currents are too strong swimming will not be allowed at all.

- Respect the venue. It is part of a nature reserve. Be the conscious and aware person that you claim to be. Security will be strict and trouble will not be tolerated. Look out for each other, look out for the venue, love and respect your trance family. We have not been able to go back to this venue for over 10 years before the last couple of years and have worked very hard to secure this venue again. Please people YOUR behaviour will determine our usage of the venue next season.

- There are baboons in the reserve. Do not approach them under any circumstances – they are dangerous. Alert the crew if you observe them anywhere.

- To ensure a safe and comfortable event we will be limiting tickets.

One Love. Enjoy.


For some time now our cleaners have ben instructed not to go into the campsites and clean. They are shifted to clean the toilets and main festival areas. This came about due to accusations of theft several years ago and we decided to take them out of the equation – many of the accusations were not true or mistakes and it is near impossible to prove unless caught red handed. They are shifted to clean the campsites after the music has stopped and people have cleared out.

We feel it is worth pointing out that this is deliberate. So YOUR CAMPSITE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. At least during the event. Clean up your kak please.


The perfect solution between camping and glamping All tent come with mattress cover sheet pillow light Dome tent 2 pers 500 r Dome tent 4 pers 800 r African bell tent 1000 r ( sleep up to 3 pers comfortably Price are per tent for the full event and have to be booked in advance Contact


Offering safe and budget friendly tent accommodation and transport for party goers.

Allow us to book your ticket, teleport you to and from the festival and provide you with a pre erected tent, 2 blow up mattresses and pillows. You and your partner in crime will sleep comfortably so you can fully enjoy your adventure at your favourite festival
- Lift to and from the festival – R250 per person
- 2 man tent setup with mattress and pillow – R350 per tent

Bookings must be made in advance:

♥ . VEHICLES . . ON . . SITE

The vehicle levy will once again apply and you are strongly encouraged to car pool to this event to reduce the cost per person. The vehicle levy is R200 per car and is reduced by around R50 for each additional person you have in the car.

- 1 person per vehicle: R200
- 2 people per vehicle: R150
- 3 people per vehicle: R100
- 4 people per vehicle: 0

We therefore strongly encourage you to travel in a car with 4 or more people.

♥ . BE . . THE . . CHANGE

Donate unwanted items in the Donation Box at the gate upon arrival . . Keep it Tidy, Love the Earth . . Show Respect . . Be Conscious . . Be the change you want to see . . Car Pool to the event . . Put cigarette butts in the bin or use a portable ashtray . . Use Biodegradable Toiletries . . Look out for each other . . Love and Respect your trance family . . Respect the venue and its neighbours . . Trust your instincts ♥


- No swimming at night.
- No alcohol on the beach.
- No glass
- No under 18′s.
- No papsak on dancefloor.
- No pets.
- No fires. No gas braais.
- No weapons.
- No illegal substances.
- Right of admission reserved.

♥ . ALIEN . . INFO

- There will not be any credit card facilities but ATMs will be available from where you can draw cash.

- Look out for each other. Love and respect your trance family. Respect the venue and the neighbours. We are One.

- Trust your instincts. Do not accept drinks in open containers. Report suspicious behavior immediately to security officers.

- Please leave your valuables at home! Unfortunately even though we implement several security measures outdoor events are easy targets for crime. Do not under any circumstances leave any valuables in your tent. Ensure that you are aware of where your wallets, cell phones and keys are at all times – best to attach these items to your body so that you don’t lose them.

Artwork by the amazing Collin Elder and the notorious Count V de Ville
email: . phone: 082 741 8981

STRICTLY NO ◦ GLASS bottles, under 18’s (ID upon request), fires, fireworks, domestic animals, independent sound systems, illegal substances, graffiti, weapons. Right of admission reserved. Participation in the event is entirely at own risk. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings, even in the case of negligence. Due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure. Tickets are non refundable.

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